Thora Birch

Thora Birch sex sceneWhen Thora burst onto the Hollywood scene in hit drama American Beauty back in 1999 she made quite an impression. Only 17 at the time of filming, she courted controversy by revealing her large natural breasts in an erotic scene when she took off her bra at a window to show a guy across the street her wonderful tits.

Because she was underage her mother had to be on set for this scene. She should know what it’s like to get your kit off onscreen, for Thora’s mom is none other than 70s porn star Carol Connors, who starred as the naughty nurse in infamous porno flick Deep Throat.

Unfortunately Thora didn’t follow her mother’s example and to date hasn’t done another nude scene, so click the link below to watch this one and all of mom’s xxx hardcore scenes from Deep Throat.