Leelee Sobieski

Leelee Sobieski sex sceneEver since LeeLee landed her first role in a major movie guys have been praying for her to get naked onscreen. She played a naughty minx in Eyes Wide Shut (1999) but was just 17 so no nudity allowed as she was an underage teen (only just though).

There followed a few sexy glimpses of her lovely body through the years and it wasn’t long until her first nude scene as she combs her hair in the buff in L’Idole (2002). Unfortunately it’s a long distance shot but there are further good looks at her butt later in the film.

Despite this promising start LeeLee has infuriatingly used body doubles and we haven’t had a really good look at those big tits of hers. Here’s hoping she becomes more liberal as she enters her thirties.

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