Kimberly McArthur

Kimberly McArthur sex sceneIt’s not often a girl is blessed with top attributes in all departments, ie a pretty face, slim sexy body and huge natural breasts. Well, Kimberley is a marvel because she has all of those — it’s a wonder her tiny frame didn’t fall over more given the weight of those tits.

Playmate beckoned for the phenomenally good looking blonde and then a career in movies was launched. Whilst she only got bit parts which required nudity, she was enormously popular and her naked shower scene with Barbara Edwards in Malibu Express (1985) is an all-time classic.

Check out one of the hottest women to have ever lived below:

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)
Malibu Express (1985)
Easy Money (1983)
Young Doctors in Love (1982)