Deborah Caprioglio

If you like curvy women with seriously large, perfectly shaped natural breasts then Deborah Caprioglio is the one for you. The sexy Italian caused controversy in her own country when her debut movie was deemed so explicit that a motion was started to have it re-classed as pornographic. That film was called Paganini (1989) and 22 year old Deborah did her best nude work in it.

Deborah Caprioglio sex sceneSadly she didn’t do too many more nude roles before retiring, but the busty brunette showed more in those few movies than most actresses show over a whole career. Check them out here:

La quindicesima epistola (1996)
Samson and Delilah (1996)
Addio e ritorno (1994)
Spiando Marina (1994)
Paprika (1991)
Paganini (1989)